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Being pulled over by the CHP and given a ticket or arrested for a DUI or other criminal charge can be a terrifying experience.  Our experienced attorneys can help to alleviate the consequences that a traffic. DWI or criminal conviction can cause. 

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In addition to future Court appearances in criminal court, other concerns such as increased insurance premiums and drivers license suspension proceedings iniated by the DMV need to be considered.

For well over the last fifteen years our Criminal Defense and DUI attorneys have been saving client's drivers licenses, avoiding serious consequences such as jail terms and alcohol school, and more importantly, keeping DUI convictions off our client's DMV record and criminal history.  Our lawyers appear in all southern California Courts along interstate 5 including Shafter, Lamont, Taft, Bakersfield, Grover Beach, Burbank and Santa Clarita and Coalinga for all vehicle code violations including VC23152, VC 22348b, VC23103, VC22350 to name just a few.


An arrest for DUI does not have to lead to a conviction.  An experienced DUI lawyer can go to Court as your legal counselor and negotiate a dismissal of the original charge, seek a reduction to a lesser offense or minimize the probationary conditions such as long term alcohol education classes, jail, caltrans, community service and hefty fines. 

Our focus is DUI stops, detentions and arrests on Interstate 5 in Central and Southern California.  Our office is located in the jurisdiction where your case will be heard.  Among are many satisfied clients are truck drivers, commuters, vacationers, travelers to northern CA and out of state, foreign visitors and everyday good people that are targeted by aggressive law enforcement agencies such as the CHP and Kern County and Los Angeles Sheriff Departments.  Call our local law office for a no cost case evaluation of your Shafter, Santa Clarita, Taft, Lamont or Bakersfield DUI charges today toll free at 1-877-204-5953.

Our Law Firm also handles all commercial truck violations such as log book tickets, downhill truck speed, DWI in a big rig and overweight citations in both Kern and Los Angeles Counties.

Our lawyers all have well over 15 years experience individually and are licensed by the state bar of California with exemplary records, some with former District Attorneys Office experience.  We also work with law firms outside our jurisdiction in order to resolve cases our clients have, such as a local Los Angeles criminal attorney we refer matters to in most of L.A.  In addition to the attorneys, our firm employs the services of various experts and investigators when needed.  Our licensed investigators are former retired CHP officers, former Kern County Sheriff Deputies, Los Angeles County Deputies and Bakersfield Police officers.  Our Experts are former heads of the various crime labs in many counties and have expertise in blood alcohol and breath testing in DUI cases.

Under California law, local attorneys can go to Court and appear on behalf of their respective clients without the client having to  appear.  Our Kern County law firm has been going to court for our clients for over fifteen years thereby saving  travel costs, stress and anxiety.  We have successfully represented clients, and in many cases, been able to have criminal charges dropped and the client never had to appear before the Judge.  If you live outside the Shafter/Wasco or Taft/ Maricopa Kern Court jurisdiction and need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to fight your case, we are here to help. 

                           DUI Test

It happens when you least expect it, you see the lights of the CHP car behind you and you are getting pulled over.  When the officer speaks to you he detects recent alcohol consumption which inevitably leads to you being asked to exit your car and perform field sobriety tests.  The detention escalates to an arrest and a Court date in Taft, Shafter, Santa Clarita or another locale.  Our experienced DUI attorneys know the law on breath testing, sobriety tests and blood alcohol testing procedures.  We have been able to throw out faulty tests and get bogus DUI charges dismissed in Court, and if we can't get your drunk driving case dismissed we can have it reduced or mitigated thereby sparing you from the most serious consequences a driving under the influence conviction can bring.

Particularly if you are a commercial driver, offenses in a big rig on interstate 5
in Kern County are a specialty of our law firm.  Our attorneys understand the pressure and increased scrutiny given to truck drivers that are simply trying to make an honest living and are constantly harassed by the California Highway Patrol.  DUI charges, speed violations, underage 21 drinking,  permit citations, reckless driving and all other offenses are areas that we focus on for our clients.

Given California's budget crisis, our law firm has seen an increase in law enforcement to write more tickets and for Judges to impose heavier fines and penalties.  Our Law Firm is committed to defended the rights of our clients in Court and strive to ensure that our clients do not get convicted of the offense for which they are being accused.

                         Most Recent Case Success Stories
We were hired by a client in Kern County who was pulled over by the CHP for weaving. The client was asked to take a portable breath test in the field that reported a result of over .08%.  He was arrested and transported to the jail and again asked to submit to a breath or blood test in accordance with California state law, he chose a breath test.  While inside the breath room he was subjected to abuse and refused to blow into the machine.  The officer took his license and served him with a pink paper stating he was a "refusal" and his license would be suspended for one year.  He retained our firm, we immediately got a DMV hearing in Bakersfield to challenge the officer's actions.  At the refusal hearing our lawyer succesfully persuaded the DMV Judge that our client's rights were violated and the DMV agreed to return his drivers license forthwith.

In another case, our client was arrested by the CHP in Kern County after a collision. She was taken to the station and given a breath test that showed a BAC of .13%.  We scheduled a DMV hearing and our Kern County DUI Attorney argued that the BAC could not be extrapolated back to the time of driving, the DMV agreed and our client had her drivers license restored on December 22, 2010.

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